Comprehensive Peer Reviews

Medprex makes comprehensive peer reviews easy.

360 reviews are performed for new applicants and bi-annually for existing physicians as part of each physician’s on-going professional practice evaluation. They are used to determine if new privileges will be granted or if existing privileges will be revised, maintained, or revoked.

Fee: TBD

  • Review new applicants
  • Review existing practitioners seeking new privileges
  • Review existing practitioners seeking to renew current privileges
  • Review existing practitioners whose privileges have not been used recently or are infrequently used
  • Includes summary of audits and cases since last 360 for existing practitioners

360 Workflow

  1. Create

    Hospital admin creates 360.
  2. Assign

    Hospital admin assigns 360 to a supervising physician.
  3. Review

    Supervising physician complete the audit with our easy-to-use online software.
  4. Prescribe Action

    The Hospital admin or supervising physician can then prescribe an action based on the review findings.
  5. Archive

    The findings and prescribed actions of finalized 360s are archived. Aggregated performance data for departments and individual physicians can then be monitored by select hospital admin and supervising physicians to help identify opportunities for performance improvement.

Hospital admins can track the status of open audits from the admin dashboard.

6 Areas of Competency Evaluated

  • Patient Care
  • Medical/Clinical Knowledge
  • Practice-Based Learning & Improvement
  • Interpersonal & Communication Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Systems-Based Practice