Exchange Reviews

Submit cases or audits to board certified physicians in our exchange network for unbiased, independent peer reviews.

  • Reduce your case load and get unbiased external reviews
  • Doctors, patients and reviewers are anonymous
  • Generate extra income for your hospital and doctors
  • Request up to 3 exchange reviewers for each audit or case

Exchange Review Pricing

Fee 1 Reviewer*1 Rev'r 3 Reviewers*3 Rev'rs
Audit $25 $50 $150
Case $50 $50 $150

*Reviewer stipends start at $50 per reviewer and can vary based on specialty type and specialty queue length.

Exchange Workflow for a Case

  1. Case Created

    Hospital admin enters case details and uploads files.
  2. Assigned

    Hospital admin may assign the case to a committee for internal review or submit the case to the Exchange (requesting 1 or 3 reviewers). In this example the case will be submitted to the Exchange for 3 reviewers to pick-up.
  3. Statement Requested

    The subject physician is given the opportunity to submit a statement.
  4. Posted on Exchange

    The case is posted on the exchange and is visible to board certified physicians who have been matched by specialty and health system size and resources.
  5. Picked-up

    Three independent board certified physicians pick-up the case.
  6. Reviewed

    Each exchange reviewer completes the review process independently and submits review findings. Reviewers can send requests for more information when it is needed to complete a review.
  7. Action Prescribed

    Hospital admin prescribes action based on review findings.
  8. Response Requested

    The subject physician is given the opportunity to respond to the review findings.
  9. Archived

    The findings and prescribed actions of finalized cases are archived. Aggregated performance data for departments and individual physicians can then be monitored by select hospital admin and supervising physicians to help identify opportunities for performance improvement.

Hospital admins can track the status of open cases from the admin dashboard.